Yayoi Kusama – The Fierceness Of Living

In the Midst of Adolescence

Now is the time in my life
that has been filled with aspirations
over many long years
that I shake off the anguish of my heart and
send my lofty aspirations high up into the sky till
they reach the end of the universe
This fierceness of living
through joys and sorrows of life
sometimes distressed and sometimes
comforted by a joy
Agonising over the undulation of life and
moved to tears at the weight of life
I want to keep living until the last days of my life

Yayoi Kusama- Present Day

Yayoi Kusama- Present Day

Thomas Junghans


Thomas Junghans Sculpture

Thomas Junghans Sculpture

Your cheeks bear the scars of a thousand sorrows and your eyes, tell the story of a thousand loves.

Your lips have been worn smooth by a thousand kisses whilst your pride, has been knocked a thousand times.

You wear it well, your life. How beautiful you are to me.

The Sculptor’s Studio

Below are a handful of Sketches based on Picasso’s Vollard Suite. As an artist I love how this series throws the studio door wide open and invites you in to celebrate the creative life.



Picasso and Me

Picasso and Me




The Sculptor's Studio (3)

The Sculptor’s Studio (3)

The Sculptor's Studio (4)

The Sculptor’s Studio (4)

The Sculptor's Studio (5)

The Sculptor’s Studio (5)

The Sculptor's Studio (1)

The Sculptor’s Studio (1)

The Sculptor's Studio (2)

The Sculptor’s Studio (2)



Amazing Creative Women (part 1)

Amazing Creative Women

  • Adaline Kent - Sculptor
  • Adaline Kent - Presence 1947
  • Belkis Ayon - Printmaker
  • Belkis Ayon - Sin Titulo
  • Jessie Tarbox Beals - Photojournalist
  • Jessie Tarbox Beals - Fifth Avenue 1905
  • Sophia Coppola - Film Director
  • Sophia Coppola - Marie Antoinette (2006)
  • Louise Abbema - Painter
  • Louise Abbema - Painting (ca 1895)
  • Florence Lopez - Interior Designer
  • Florence Lopez - Interior
  • Camille Claudel - Sculptor
  • Camille Claudel - L' abandon 1905
  • Viola Frey - Sculptor
  • Viola Frey - American Nude Series
  • Grete Marks - Ceramic Designer
  • Grete Marks - Ceramics - 1930
  • Fabienne Verdier - Painter
  • Fabienne Verdier - 'La Faille'
  • Fabienne Verdier - 'La Faille'
  • Nancy Spero - Artist and Activist
  • Nancy Spero - 'Take No Prisoners'

Rembrandt’s Late Self-Portraits


Rembrandt Head 3

Rembrandt Head 3


Rembrandt’s Late Self-Portraits
Elizabeth Jennings

You are confronted with yourself. Each year
The pouches fill, the skin is uglier.
You give it all unflinchingly. You stare
Into yourself, beyond. Your brush’s care
Runs with self-knowledge. Here

Is a humility at one with craft.
There is no arrogance. Pride is apart
From this self-scrutiny. You make light drift
The way you want. Your face is bruised and hurt
But there is still love left.

Love of the art and others. To the last
Experiment went on. You stared beyond
Your age, the times. You also plucked the past
And tempered it. Self-portraits understand,
And old age can divest,

With truthful changes, us of fear of death.
Look, a new anguish. There, the bloated nose,
The sadness and the joy. To paint’s to breathe,
And all the darknesses are dared. You chose
What each must reckon with.

Rembrandt Head (2)

Rembrandt Head (2)

Grey Matter(s)

Images that challenge the definition of ‘Grey’ as – ‘Without interest or character, dull and nondescript.

Cigarettes - Irving Penn

Cigarettes – Irving Penn


Tiles - Tarbarka Studio

Tiles – Tarbarka Studio


Biba Schutz - Jewellery

Biba Schutz – Jewellery


Brenda Holzke - Painting

Brenda Holzke – Painting


Bonnard - Drawing

Bonnard – Drawing


Zaha Hadid - Marble

Zaha Hadid – Marble


Julie Mosley - Textiles

Julie Mosley – Textiles


Ally Capellino - Fashion Editorial

Ally Capellino – Fashion Editorial


Anselm Kiefer - Sculpture

Anselm Kiefer – Sculpture


Ruven Afanador - Photograph

Ruven Afanador – Photograph


Below are some ‘Snapshots’ from recent prints chosen for either their dark, broody tones or, a confident flex of muscle in the mark making.





Print….The Story Continues

Here are a few of my latest prints.









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Print By Sophie Lecuyer

‘Stargazer’ Poetry by Jo Shapcott 

If I’m not looking at you,

forgive; if I appear

to be scanning the sky,

head thrown back, curious,

ecstatic, shy, strolling

unevenly across the floor

in front of you, my audience,

forgive, and forget what’s

happening to my cells.

It’s you I’m thinking of

and, voice thrown upwards,

to you I’m speaking, you.


I’m trying to keep it simple

in the time I have left to me:

luckily, it’s a slow

and selective degeneration.

I’m hoping, mainly to stay present

and straight up despite

the wrong urge that’s taken hold,

to say everything, all

at once, to everyone,which

is what I’d like if only

I could stay beyond this moment.



Simon Carroll


You work in clay and sand,

bringing them to life with passionate hands.

The Clay Reveals,

What the tide takes and stores in it’s liquid memory

The Hurricane of marks –

that sweep across the surface from the storm in your heart.

Simon-Carroll1 (2)

Simon Carroll 1964 – 2009


untitled (16)