As an artist I keep myself inspired by incessantly looking at things and being curious about how they are made. This started very early when I would watch my Dad recycle scraps of wood and metal to make functional pieces that were simple and elegant in design and always beautifully crafted. I learned from him to be patient when making, to treat the material with respect and always do the best job you possibly can. These principles have stood me in good stead.

The first figures I made were inspired by Egyptian art. I was drawn to their beautiful profiles and strong, muscular bodies which I would copy on to paper then cut out to ‘free’ the form. Having no idea how to model I followed a similar process when I made my first ceramic piece aged 12 and realised then that the figure and clay would be ‘my thing’.

Visiting the Picasso Museum as a young artist had a tremendous impact on me. I was struck by how fluidly he moved between painting, sculpture and printmaking, breaking every rule as he went to enable him to create something radically new. Of all his work I find his printmaking the most exciting and inspiring and there are always copies of them on my studio walls. For me, it is the intensity of his mark-making that is so engaging, its energy and how it brings the work vividly to life. It is these qualities that I am attempting to bring into my pieces by working the clay with a variety of tools: hacksaw blades, metal scribes, wooden skewers, nails and pins to create a surface that has life and character.

My work today is a rich combination of my artistic influences and life experiences that have stimulated the work I do. As I move forward in my practise I am increasingly freeing myself from prescriptive working patterns as I engage more intuitively with my material. I am deeply indebted to my creativity and how it gives both shape and meaning to my life. This intensity of feeling and passion I hope is present in my work and can be felt by you, the viewer. If so then my job as an artist is complete.

Below are the documentaries of artists who are currently informing my work and I would like to share them with you.

Simon Carroll’s ceramic pieces have an astounding vigour and energy. His love of mark making can be seen in his monumental sand drawing.

I always return to Rembrandt’s later paintings for their honesty and deep humanity. Simon Scharma produced a very moving documentary on these later paintings.

Miquel Barceló is a Spanish artist who works in clay on both a domestic and architectural scale. His Collaboration with choreographer Josef Nadj is both disturbing and beautiful in turn. I have never seen anybody work with clay with such intensity and passion.

And finally here is a short film I made with Felix Brassier of my working process.

Where to View my work

I have exhibited extensively in some carefully selected British and American galleries. I have also exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show, The London Art Fair and Sofa in Chicago.

This year I am exhibiting as part of the group #Threeform at Editions in Liverpool and The John Russell Gallery in Ipswich.

I also work to private commission and if you are interested in this process then please get in touch via the contact page.